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Infrared Testing

Prolec has the ability to undertake onsite infrared testing

Equipment is checked with a non-contact infrared camera for signs of abnormal temperature. Temperature rises (or temperature differences) can be a sign of loose connections, overload or impending equipment failure. Preventative maintenance can be programmed in at a convienient time (rather than a break down and potential loss of production).

The camera can also be used to find heat loss (failing lagging) on pipework.

Sample report 




Name - Company x

Address - 21 Street


Name - Paul Bingham

Address - 5 Vulcan Place

Equipment Identification

Evaporator Main Switch

Problem Description

The connection on White Phase is running warmer than the other phases

Temperature Measurements

Image Date

09/04/2013 9:49:56 AM

Target Temperature

 34.1 Deg C



Reflected temp

30 Deg C 


Environmental Conditions

Repaired / reinspected by

Paul Bingham (Thermography Level 1)  

Repair Description

Termination checked and tightened

Repair Date


Reinspection Date



 IR - ThermogramIR - Reference



Certificate of Periodic Verification

A Certificate of Periodic Verification is able to be provided on request 






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